Motherís Memories by Linda Sandolo


Not very tall, curly hair, brown eyes, and a great big smile; these are words that describe Mandy.


Not in a good mood in the morning but happy and busy late at night.  Strong will, stubborn to a fault, good heart to her friends, always ready to go to a party or be out and about.


Always running late and took too long in the shower. Ran and ran the water till her dad and I hollered.


Would fight with all of us for no good reason but she knew we loved her as she loved us.


I have a hole in my heart that will never heal.  I will never understand why she is gone.  It is Godís will not mine.  If it was mine she would still be here driving me crazy. 


I pray they donít have cars in heaven that she can only go as fast as her wings will carry her.  I pray I see her again and we hang on tight to each other.


I love her, I miss her, I will forever.


Be at peace my little girl.  Be at peace.